Toughest lineup – Of course

Ari Perkkiö

Front End -kehittäjä
Saavutettavuuden asiantuntija
Open Source -intoilija

Ari is a frontend developer whose expertise and understanding runs through the entire stack from understanding customer needs to the final product. For Ari, software development is much more than just day-to-day work. Constant learning and thirst for knowledge are the daily driver in Ari’s open source development work, and he doesn’t even go for a run without technology podcasts.

In UI development, Ari has very strong expertise in React, but also in Svelte and native DOM APIs. His specialisation also extends to testing of user interfaces and building of design systems. Ari has strong accessibility expertise to meet the requirements of modern accessibility directives. His previous projects include solving of accessibility problems in the financial and insurance sector, both at the team and the organisational level.

Maintainability of applications is important to Ari. In addition to clear code and comprehensive testing, developer experience is part of a sustainable application. The passion for improving the developer experience is reflected in the automation of everything, as well as in the development of our own tools. This ensures a long life cycle for applications and provides good starting points for further development.

Ari is a team player ideally positioned between the designer, the product owner and the backend developer. Keeping the ball rolling through constant communication will bring the synergy of the whole team to its peak.