Cloudamite is fair

Cloudamite plays fair – also in terms of pay. In Cloudamite, your pay is based on hours invoiced. The model is completely transparent and the same for everyone. This way, the salary automatically follows the development of the hourly price and there is no need to negotiate a salary increase due to inflation or gained experience. The salary increases automatically as the hourly price rises.

Your pay is 70% of your monthly sum invoiced. From this, some of the pay is taken for your holiday pay and to pay statutory occupational pension and unemployment insurance contributions and taxes, and the rest paid to you as your salary.

You can estimate your salary with this calculator:

Normal working time pay

In an average month, for those working a normal working day, the before-tax part of the salary and the net part are roughly as shown in the following table. Salary may vary depending on experience, the project and variables such as on-call work outside normal hours. In practice, and to give an example, the gross salaries of experienced senior-level Cloudamite pros range from €6.000 to €10.000 depending on the month.

Experience levelHourly priceTax percentageGross paySalary in hand
Senior8530 %6 287,49 €3 837,94 €
Specialist6525 %4 817,19 €3 175,83 €
Junior4521 %3 346,90 €2 333,42 €

Holidays, sick leave and time between projects

For seniors, €5.000 for the first month, €4.000 for the second month and €3.020 thereafter. For a specialist, €4.000 and then €3020. Juniors are paid €2.500 for the first month and €2.000 thereafter.

There is no obligation to work between projects, but some of us have wanted to support trainees in developing our own systems or, for example, to train colleagues in their own fields of expertise. Cloudamite can also pay for the studies of an employee waiting for the next project. 

Sick leave and other absences, such as parental leave or the illness of a child, are paid at the rate of the first month’s salary.

You will be paid the normal rate of pay for the period of leave. This is why the holiday pay reserve is collected in advance from the monthly sum. In July, you will also receive a holiday allowance, which in practice corresponds to approximately half a month’s salary. So you get one and a half times your salary during the summer holiday!


We always have room for passionate software developers in the Cloudamite team. If you think you could see yourself in a Cloudamite hoodie, drop us a line at [email protected] or talk to Jani, Katariina or anyone else from the Cloudamite team, and we’ll talk more. 

As said in our company hoodie: Blow your mind, not your head

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Cloudamite maksaa ensimmäiseltä sairauslomapäivältä palkkaa jatkossakin, olipa sairaana cloudamitelainen tai lapsensa. Sairaana levätään.
Työnhaku uran alussa on vaikeaa - tästä vinkit CV:n päivittämiseen sekä haastatteluun valmistautumiseen. Myös konsultointi on hyvä väylä aloittaa ura ohjelmistokehittäjänä. Juniori, näin työllistyt!
Cloudamiten tavoitteena on olla kokeneelle ohjelmistokehittäjälle paras mahdollinen työpaikka. Työn mielekkyydessä on olennaista kokemus siitä, että voi vaikuttaa omaan työhönsä. Meillä tähän pyritään monin tavoin palkkamallin muokkaamisesta toimiston pöytäjärjestykseen ja tuntikirjausjärjestelmästä paikkariippumattomaan työhön.