Happy Autumn!

Is there life after summer holidays? Fun days in the sun are soon over and developers have to switch from bodyboards to keyboards. Most Cloudamiteans have turned green on Slack, so it’s a good time to focus on enjoyable things ahead. The most important thing is to have a motivating project to work on that helps you wake up every morning (read more on our approach on this in Finnish here), but a little gratitude listing can make you remember why going back to work is actually pretty nice.

How are you?

In the bigger picture the most significant thing is that we’re doing great. All developers are working on client projects. We’ve even got a brand new project for one client going on in our own premises! This project employs new junior developers, which is super cool. We feel privileged to be able to help future superstars on their professional paths. Knowing the market situation, doing this well is not self-evident. We’re blessed with superb talent that brings pivotal value to our clients even in turbulent times. In the current market we seem to be one of the few looking for new talents to join Cloudamite.


Katariina paddling a kayak

Fun times ahead

Apart from financial stability and interesting projects, we think that companionship and the feeling of being cherished are important components of job satisfaction. Shared experiences make a team! That’s why we have planned something nice to do together for every month: going kayaking, making wreaths, celebrating the holidays with the team and our loved ones. Not sure if our annual “let’s get flu vaccines and have some lunch afterwards” is considered “something nice”, but it shows caring (and sharing) in a very concrete way.

When asking Cloudamiteans what to do together, vaccination lunch is probably not the first thing they mention. Most likely it’s not our Monthly meeting either – it’s pretty surely our Monthly Sauna. Sharing knowledge and ideas, having a snack and something to drink, that’s the favorite for many of us. The monthly sauna beautifully combines many things we want to celebrate: spending time together, learning new things together and sharing good times. Who wouldn’t wait for autumn, if this is what it brings?

Interested in Cloudamite?

Our door is always open for developers and clients. Please contact Jani or Katariina (in any medium) or any other Cloudamitean to hear more about us and what we could do to help you. Hope to hear from you soon!