Hi Pesti Career Day visitor, nice to meet you!

We’re happy you’re interested in Cloudamite. We’d like to get to know you better, too! We made you a small Pesti Career Day challenge. You can find it from our Cloudamite Academy at Github. Hope you make yourself a cup of coffee and take a look.

Hi Pesti Career Day visitor, nice to meet you! Picture is a Tic tac toe game Cloudamite edition - with us you always win.

Like we’ve told in our previous blog post (sorry, that’s only in Finnish), the main reason for this kind of a challenge or technical questions during a job interview is to help you share your thoughts and thinking processes. This is why we’d like you to hear your thoughts about this Pesti Career Day challenge! You can choose the medium: [email protected], LinkedIn, Twitter or contacting Jani or Katariina using any media. If you feel up to it, you can attach your CV and we can talk more about the possibilities we could offer you. Hope to hear from you soon!